Hockey is the most powerful foundation of all mass sports. Amateur hockey leagues exist in all corners of Europe and Asia. But all these Leagues do not have a full-fledged competition cycle and end their regional tournaments without further opportunity to compete with teams from different regions of Europe. European Hockey League aims to unite, in the framework of regular competitions, amateur League of Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Moldova. Also, we are open to mutually beneficial cooperation with all countries that are ready to join our project.

This will give a completely new impetus to the development of mass hockey in Europe and will allow you to implement several relevant in this linking development challenges to all states mass sports and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

THE EUROPEAN HOCKEY LEAGUE was created with the aim of associations of mass hockey competitions,organized by the organizers of tournaments in Europe.

Availability of participation in the unified international hockey space is designed to solve the problems of propaganda healthy lifestyle of people of different generations, nationalities and religions, and the development of such a direction, like mass amateur hockey.

One of the main tasks of the League is to attract the maximum number of athletes from the Baltic States, Eastern and Western Europe to participate in the project, as well as holding annual international festivals mass hockey among amateur teams under a uniform international brand.

During the preparation of the "EHL" project, we had an idea besides holding the adult stages of Eurotours, currently unparalleled in amateur hockey, try the same exercise and a children's project of a similar format. Relying on own experience, as well as after communicating with representatives of different European countries, we have absolutely no doubt that this project has very big development prospects. Despite,that being the first is always not easy, we accepted the decision to carry out this project at all costs,which will undoubtedly be of great benefit to development of international cooperation in the field children's hockey.

At the moment, preparations are underway for launching this project as well. We plan that in the season 2022/2023 we will already be able to carry out the first stages Children's European Hockey League. Our team of like-minded people began conducting international European Champions CUP tournaments at Olympic venues in Sochi since 2017, and almost all participants were grateful for the excellent organization of these events, a very interesting pastime, and the opportunity to measure strength on ice arenas with their peers from different countries. In addition to Russian and European teams, children's teams from China and Japan took part in the European Champions CUP tournaments. is the official web site of the European Hockey League. EHL, the EHL Shield, the word mark and logo are trademarks of the European Hockey League. All EHL logos and
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